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Note: Some of these photos show the noseband fitted in a higher position than recommended; for best results, please fit the Dr Cook crossover Bitless Bridle initially as recommended in the Manual & Fitting Guide supplied with every bridle.

More pics on Gallery page 2 (if you have visited Bitless Bridle UK Gallery previously you may have already seen those photos)

Laura & Taz Bitless Driving Demo, Three Counties Show 2006

Marianne & Pallo in poppy field

Sally & Buffy testing brakes!

Buffy shows off her leather BB

Cathie driving Cachina

Cathie & Cachina

Cathie, Cachina & Dr Cook BB demo at Equine Affaire USA

Equine Affaire 06, Dr Cook explains

Equine Affaire 06

Equine Affaire 06, Dr Cook speaking

Clare & her American Paint - bitless from the start

Poitou X Penny meets mini (Penny has BB)

Pat with Rufus & Athene with Marnie

Tim's Harry

Andalusian Rio d'Oro - Newmarket leather BB

Sarah (uses BB for team-chasing!)

Emma and Saffy (left trot)

Emma & Saffy (left shoulder-in)

Spencer "bridle, what bridle...?"

Spencer's smart padded leather BB

Look, I can smile properly now I don't have a horrid bit in

Janet & Harry - noseband too high?

Janet & Harry

Geraint relaxing

Miochelle & Paddy

Michelle's Paddy (new-style beta BB)

Michelle & Paddy

Ashleigh & Lucy (couldn't do this bitted!)

Jo with Mickey (nylon webbing BB)

Jack shows off his new Western BB & rope reins

Kelly & Jack (Western BB)

Jo with Mickey bitted

Mickey so relaxed in the bitless

Mickey & Jo bitless

Mickey & Jo bitless

Helen & Apricot

Helen & Apricot

Jules, Shad & Bailey

Fayley & Kizzy - new leather BB

Kizzy first time out in the BB

Kizzy heading home relaxed in the BB

Laura & Taz, lap of honour, Three Counties Show 2006

Lucy and Duke

Amanda & Sophie, one of her 3 bitless horses

Babette in the Pyrenees - 1500km bitless all the way

Bitless driving - saddlechariot

Cheryl & Leo working in outline

Cheryl & Leo (ID) working in the BB

Cheryl & Leo

Cheryl & Leo

Annabel & Chesney competing in Italy

Annabel & Chesney

Annabel giving bitless jumping demo

Annabel & Chesney bitless jumping demo

Annabel & Chesney demonstrating bitless jumping

Annabel & Chesney again

Annabel competing in Italy

Annabel showjumping in Italy

Annabel again (horse was 'difficult' when bitted)

Rakni (Icelandic) in his padded leather BB

More pics on Gallery page 2 (if you have visited Bitless Bridle UK Gallery previously you may have already seen those photos)

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