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A Bit More Choice - Campaign for Bitless Equality

Bitless Bridle Instructors UK - We now have Bitless Bridle Instructors (BBI) in UK & Ireland

Bitless Horses for Sale / Loan UK

Team Chasing - barefoot & bitless


The Bitless Bridle™ - USA is the home of The Bitless Bridle™ - original web site for the genuine Dr Cook's Bitless Bridle™ - articles, reviews and many pages of feedback (good and bad) from users of The Bitless Bridle™ in numerous equine disciplines: racing; showjumping; dressage; pleasure, trail and endurance riding; hunting; polo; barrel-racing etc

For details of Bitless Bridle Associate Clinicians worldwide, please go to The Bitless Bridle Inc.

One good reason to go bitless - by Joe Camp, author of the fabulous book The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd - Keeping and training barefoot and bitless Connemara ponies on the West coast of Ireland

Interdressage - compete without leaving the yard! Download your test, video it, then send it off. Prize money & rosettes every month. As from April 2008 BitlessBridles will be allowed to compete alongside bitted bridles

Pilgrim Riders - 3,500km on horseback using Dr Cook's Bitless Bridles (see also our Feedback page)

Pilgrimage Publications - a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the identification and mapping of pilgrim routes all over the world, regardless of religion or belief.

Bitless Driving - see also our Articles section for more on bitless driving

UFAW - Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (Dr Cook exhibited a poster at the 2006 Conference, entitled "Bitting & Shoeing Reclassified as Cruel")

Festina Lente (hasten slowly) - Festina Lente Foundation (in Ireland) provides a range of integrated training, occupational, learning and employment opportunities to people whose needs have not been met by mainstream services. These services are provided through equestrianism, horticulture and community-based activities with an emphasis on choice, personal development and progression. For their 2007 conference they will be reporting on a pilot project involving the use of Bitless Bridles.

Aldersbrook Riding School & Livery Stables - in Manor Park, London use Dr Cook Bitless Bridles

South Essex Insurance Brokers - happy to insure horses whose owners are using The Bitless Bridle (subject to the normal terms and conditions of the policy)

NFU Mutual - also happy to insure horses whose owners are using The Bitless Bridle (subject to the normal terms and conditions of the policy)

horse with paintbrushRomeo the Painting Horse (who also uses The Bitless Bridle - not when painting though!)

Australian Equine Arts - suppliers of The Bitless Bridle™ in Australia

Going Bitless - Witless or Wise? - Article by Ruth Field

Bigger Bits Vs The Horse - interesting article by Cathie Hatrick-Anderson of Bobcat Farm

On ‘Mouth Irons’, ‘Hoof Cramps’, and the Dawn of the Metal-Free Horse - pdf article by Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD about Bracy Clark's (1771-1860) observations on barefoot and bitlessness in Natural Horse magazine

"All horses can go barefoot, but not all owners can." Cindy Sullivan

Barefoot Wales - website of Karl Steans, trained with Dan Guerrera & other professionals; excellent trimmer working in Wales, UK

Barehoof Performance- website of Melanie Fauske, also a graduate of Barehoof Strategy (Dan Guerrera) based in Gloucestershire

Barefoot is Normal Blog -  list of equestrian centres where it’s considered normal for horses to live and work barefoot (or use hoof boots for work)

Fighting for the Barefoot Horse

Hoofing Marvellous - Lindsay Setchell's excellent & informative website; sign up for the Newsletter Lindsay covers all of Cornwall & parts of Devon. Hoofing Marvellous is dedicated to Barefoot & Natural Horse Care

Team Chasing - barefoot & bitless promoting natural hoof care in Ireland

Barefoot Hooves- with an excellent FAQ section - highly recommended reading

Healthy Hooves - Jayne Hunt's excellent website with very useful, downloadable information sheets on various aspects of barefoot

Hoof Sculpture - website of Dermot McCourt, remedial equine podiatrist in Ireland

Why Barefoot Horses - 3-minute video by Joe Camp (author of The Soul of a Horse)

The Whole Hoof Club - (free to join!) This Site is sponsored by the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry, with information supported by research and theories by KC La Pierre, RJF, MIAEP

Tribe Equus - Cindy Sullivan's site about barefoot hooves and lots of other interesting stuff

Hoof Matters - Hoof Matters is the integrated holistic equestrian business of Ruth Levy-So, an Applied Equine Podiatrist, Medical herbalist and Empathic Horse Trainer based on Dartmoor, near Buckfastleigh, South Devon

Courses 4 Horses - website of Tom Bowyer, Equine Podiatrist who also uses techniques of Monty Roberts & others to help horses and people have a better understanding of each other

Nature Hoof - website of Alex Hunt, hoof trimming (SHP) combined with equine thermography and UK representative of Nevzorov Haute Ecole (NHE)

Barefoot horses for sale

Thermography of shod and barefoot hooves

Applied Equine Podiatry Association (UK) - newly formed (April 06) self-regulating professional body for Equine Podiatrists practicing in the UK with list of qualified UK EPs

Whole Hoof Health - website of Samantha Knight, Applied Equine Podiatrist covering Bath, Bristol, West Wilts, Somerset, East Devon, and South Gloucestershire

Alternative Hoofcare Systems - Jersey (Channel Islands) & France

Barefoot Horses UK - information and encouragement for anyone who is considering taking their horse barefoot (or has already done so!) with info on UK trimmers

Barefoot Horses Treatment Plan - supporting your horse with herbs, minerals & homeopathy during transition to barefoot

The Hoof Doctor- Kathy Clark, qualified Strasser Hoofcare Professional in Buckinghamshire (UK); barefoot trimming & natural livery

Barefoot Police Horses!

Barefoot Horse - Marjorie Smith's web site (USA) with a huge amount of information, and many photographs regarding barefoot trimming including treating founder (laminitis)

Jaime Jackson - official web site

American Association of Natural Hoofcare Practitioners (AANHCP) - dedicated to providing natural hoofcare and horsekeeping practices for domestic equines worldwide

Equine Podiatry - for information on K C La Pierre's High Performance Trim and list of degreed Equine Podiatrists in USA

Pete Ramey - Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist

Martha Olivo - Martha Olivo was a farrier for 25 years before she finally became aware of the natural power of the hoof and its profound influence on the Whole Horse(tm). In March 2006, Martha and her Mustang horse Cisco embarked on the MO-Cisco Trans-USA Barehoof Trek. This 10-month journey will be made at the rate of 20 miles per day, 100 miles per week, with 9 days down time every 5th week. Total approximate one-way distance to be covered: 3,000 miles.

Lori's Blog - Lori, also known as Skode, tells of her barefoot journey (and lots of other stuff too!) - An All Natural Horse Journey - Dan Guerrera is now based in Chichester, UK and offers bare hoof trimming clinics worldwide.

HoofCare Unltd - Read this story about a horse-owner/trainer's transition from traditional methods (bitted, shod, rugged & stabled horses) to natural (barefoot, bitless, naked (!) and 24-hr turned out) horses! Very interesting reading...

Australian Equine Barefoot Movement - interesting articles - a very interesting page on this highly informative web site ["Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) without Horseshoes"], showing how the use of more humane tack (bitless bridle, treeless saddle) combined with correct hoof trimming allows the horse to achieve 'collection' naturally and 'disproves the common belief that conformation is inherited and immutable...'

The Horse's Hoof - News for natural hoofcare, including many interesting articles (UK racehorse wins barefoot), barefoot success stories etc

Breaking Traditions - A Veterinary Medical and Ethical Perspective on the Modern Day Usage of Steel Horseshoes. By Dr. Tomas G. Teskey, D.V.M. Hereford, AZ, U.S.A.

Animal Self Healing - find a practitioner of Applied Zoopharmacognosy or Animal Aromatherapy near you!

Holistic Vet - Nick Thompson BSc(Hons), BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS - UK-based vet treating horses, dogs and cats

Bitless Equestrian Centre - based in a beautiful part of Wales, between Aberystwyth & Lampeter - teaching wholistic horsemanship and keeping horses as naturally as possible in a domestic environment. Livery vacancies on a hybrid track / equicentral /herbal grazing system. Horses accepted for retirement, rehab and training. Various natural therapies available at the Centre, including Body Mirror System of Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Equine Natural Medicine, Rolfing, Myofascial Release for Horses, Eponaquest Workshops, Reiki - the list is growing - please enquire

Reconnective Healing a form of hands-off energy work which utilises newly re-established frequencies now available to us

The Tapping Solution should be in every home. If you find acupuncture, chiropractic and alternative healing methods to be part of your life, then you MUST watch this film and learn this simple and effective healing technique.” [ARIELLE FORD author of “The Soulmate Secret"]

Julian Midder - specialises in treating horses and dogs using natural and manual medicine, based in Wiltshire but travels throughout England & Wales. Teaches Equine Natural Medicine Course & holds monthly clinic at Bitless Equestrian Centre in west Wales

Under the Gingko Tree - natural healing for people & animals - based in Wiltshire

Pets Self Select - Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Rachel jackson - Tellington TTouch Practictioner in the North West - for companion animals & Horses (also student of Applied Zoopharmacognosy)

Essential Animals - Natural solutions for pets and people; aromatherapy for horses, dogs, cats and all Essential Animals

Magnetic Therapy from Magnet Healing. Bioflow magnetic bracelets, dog collars, horse boots and more, for natural pain relief and healing

equine breathing technique
Behavioural problems such as separation anxiety or head shaking? Chronic ailments such as sweet itch or hay fever?

Equine Breathing enables you to help your horse heal without using drugs or veterinary treatments. It's easy to do and horses enjoy it.

European School of Equine Bowen Therapy - The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on therapy which stimulates the body's inner ability to heal itself to be activated. This reorganisation of the musculature of the body can bring increased energy levels and pain relief.

Espire Retreats | Equine Assisted Therapy - Confidence Building, Assertiveness, Team Building & Leadership for people, using horses and Natural Horsemanship techniques in beautiful Snowdonia with Kathy Nicholson - mobile Reiki / Aromatherapy / Crystal Therapy - Chester & North Wales; treating horses & other animals (& humans!)

Bitless Equestrian Centre - based in a beautiful part of Wales, between Aberystwyth & Lampeter - teaching wholistic horsemanship and keeping horses as naturally as possible in a domestic environment. Horses taken on livery for retraining, rehab, transitioning to barefoot and retirement - let your horse retire in this peaceful and beautiful corner of west Wales

Equi Arenas West Wales - Ceredigion-based family business specialising in design, construction & refurbishment of horse riding arenas, maneges (sometimes misspelt as menages), round pens and sand schools throughout west Wales. Online tack shop now open!

Norfolk Horse Training & Equitation Club - a friendly and enthusiastic education / development and training group based in Norwich

Cambrian Cross Country - splendid cross country course very close to Bitless Bridle Equestrian Centre, available for training as well as competitions

Fair Horsemanship - humane, science-based horse training

Amanda Barton - Horsemanship Clinics including Mark Rashid Clinics in UK

Carno House - delightful B&B in nearby Aberaeron (approx 7 miles from our Holistic Horsemanship Centre)

Gaer Cottages - luxury self-catering cottages; swimming pool, disabled facilities - about 6 miles from Bitless Bridle Equestrian Centre

Delightful self-contained holiday flat to let, sleeps 4, on smallholding near Lampeter & Aberaeron

Horse Accidents - a place to report any accident or incident involving horses, run by the BHS to gather statistics to raise awareness and lobby to make changes to make horses and riders safer everywhere

Safer Grass - Safer Grass for horses, particularly those with or prone to laminitis. Grass is currently grown for high sugar content to improve milk yields in domestic cattle and promote fast growth in beef cattle - not good for horses! This is a 'must-read' web site for anyone with overweight or laminitic horses or ponies.

Natural Horse Management Alicia Mitchell - lots of information about keeping horses naturally. Also qualified barefoot trimmer (strictly non-invasive). Natural livery available

HorseCare - for naturally kept horses

Natural Horse Magazine - An online publication focussing on Humane and Natural Care for Horses and Other Animals

Holistic Horsekeeping - sign up for free Holistic Horsekeeping newsletter

Horse-Sense - The Newsletter of Holistic Horsemanship® - Dr Jessica Jahiel's Q & A Newsletter

saddlechariot for the smallest poniessaddlechariot for large horses
Rowanoak Learning Centre and Livery - based in the beautiful Brecon Beacons; livery vacancies sometimes; courses, workshops & demos. Now producing the Saddlechariot - great fun for minis to maxis

Natural Horse World
'Helping people know horses'

Natural Matters - horse section - articles about natural horse care

Smallholding UK - a professional platform for private property adverts - specialising in smallholdings & equestrian properties throughout England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland & Eire

Equi Arenas West Wales - Ceredigion based family business specialising in design, construction & refurbishment of horse riding arenas, maneges (sometimes called menages), round pens and sand schools throughout west Wales

The Blue Sun - Unique Holistic Products Online - recommended local business

Enlightened Equitation- part tree & flexible saddles

Better Saddles banner
Better Saddles - bespoke and remedial saddle fitting service. Wide selection of treeless saddles

Find local Pet Services on PetsLocally

Dressage in the 21st Century

Cambrian Cross Country - splendid cross country course very close to Bitless Bridle Equestrian Centre, available for training as well as competitions

Premarin HRT - Did you know that the commonly prescribed HRT drug Premarin is made from urine collected from pregnant mares? They are kept in stalls for 6 months of the year with restricted drinking water (to make the urine stronger)

The Horse & Pony Directory: Horses for Sale, Ponies for Sale, Horseboxes for Sale and Horses for Loan on the Horse and Pony Directory. You can find hundreds of Horses and Ponies for Sale on the number one equine directory in the UK

The BookDepository

Equine Tourism - Find riding holidays, horse shows, other equestrian events, equestrian centres & professionals!

Supreme Horse - Equestrian advertising with unique feature whereby users can create a portfolio of horses, jobs, dogs and vehicles and send them to friends or colleagues to review

Trinity Consultants - Leaders in Bespoke Equine Nutrition since 1996. Free Equine Nutritional Advice. Bespoke formulations for your horse individually designed & tailor-made. Access & guidance to our world-renowned Formulary. [Fascinating website - if you have a question about feeding your equine, or need help with recovery from illness these are the people to speak to; fantastically knowledgeable and extremely helpful]

51 page article against Rollkur - Horses for Life online magazine March 2007

Rollkur article - Horses for Life online magazine June 2006

Susan Evans Garlinghouse - vet and equine nutritionist - excellent information about equine nutrition, including sugar beet myths debunked

Equine Adventures - Horse Riding Holidays Worldwide

Rheidol Rosettes

Battery Hen Welfare Trust - re-homes 'spent' battery hens. "Can you give some hens a happy home?"

Online Jewellery Shop for Horse Lovers!

UK Classified Horse Pony Adverts, Equine Business Directory - Sell/Buy Horses Ponies Online, Advertise Your Equestrian Business, Free Horse Pony Adverts, UK Equestrian Properties.

Horse Mart - Uk's leading equestrian website for buying and selling everything equestrian

Custom Horseboxes Custom Horseboxes built in the U.K to your requirements

Flying Change

Pedigree Online All Breed Database Excellent resource for tracing horse pedigrees

Horse Shares UK - horses for loan and share in the UK

Horse Riding Holidays - Unicorn Trails provide worldwide luxury and adventurous safaris, expeditions and experiences of a life time. Veterinary approved

Horse Tracer - web site differing considerably from most similar sites - firstly to help trace further information regarding horses sold with incorrect passports or none at all and secondly to attempt to trace horses that have been sold on and contact lost with their new owners; also section on rogue horse dealers

Horse Hunter - Horses & Ponies For Sale - Horse Hunter

Cats & Canines logo online shop specialising in pet beds, wicker pet baskets, cat toys and dog toys

Concerned about proposed badger culling? Find out more at

Fabulous calendars - Horses (Arabs, Andalucians, Clydesdales, Stallions, Wild horses & more), Dogs (100+ calendars) and lots of other animals - literally hundreds of calendars to choose from

Spanish Mustangs UK - importing Spanish Mustangs into the UK and promoting barefoot, bitless & treeless riding

Taylors Garden Buildings for pet housing, summerhouses, log cabins

World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) - Equine charity dealing with rescue from animal cruelty, horse care and animal rights

Scenes from a Smallholding - "'Scenes from a Smallholding' is the funniest book I've ever read, and I read a lot. In fact, it is an addiction..." - just one of many reader's comments about this hilarious and sometimes thought-provoking book about life in the countryside

Horse Tack Review - Equestrian news, tack reviews and horse related articles. Shop for tack and submit a review to be entered into Monthly Giveaways!

Horse Talk UK

The British Horse Society

Horse Directory - the UK Equestrian Index

UK Business Directory

Equine Links

Horses For Sale on Horses-Now

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