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This section of our web site is dedicated to articles of interest to horse-owners who are concerned with providing healthier & more natural living & working conditions for their equines (horses, ponies, donkeys & mules) as well as articles to do with bitless bridles & riding. If you would like to contribute a relevant article, or would like to see a particular article, please contact us.

Saving Money - Naturally!

article by Sheila Lee Thompson, recently published in Gallop magazine 'natural' section & other publications

Wake up to Welfare! by Erica Dixon

Erica explains why confining horses to stables is contra-indicated from a health as well as a welfare perspective; and offers useful suggestions for alternatives to stabling.

What is Natural Horsemanship?

article by Cynthia Cooper of Natural Horse World

Is the Bit Really so Cruel? by Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

An exchange of correspondence

Tradition & the Status Quo or Science & Advance? by Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

Dr Cook puts forward reasons for a rule change

'Le Trec' Driving Demo at Three Counties Show 2006 by Laura

A follow-up article (see Flying the Flag for Bitless Driving) from Laura after she was invited to take part in a Le Trec Driving demo (in open Bitless Bridle)

Grazing for Horses by Garry Holter

This article has been kindly provided by Garry Holter - a sort of grassland 'doctor / consultant' who is available to advise on providing grazing that is suitable for horses (as opposed to grass that is meant for quick fattening of beef & sheep and maximum milk production in dairy animals). Is it any wonder that we have such problems with laminitis (founder) etc?

On the Bit & the FEI by Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

This article explores the current FEI regulations and reasons why the crossover design of bitless bridle should be allowed in dressage competitions

Flying the Flag for Bitless Driving by Laura

Laura has been riding her Welsh Cob 'Taz' in the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle since 2000 - she was interested in driving too, but to find an instructor willing to teach her bitless and to realise her dream of taking part in Driving Trials? Read the article to find out!

Problem Solving Guide - Crossover (cross-under) Bitless Bridle by Sheila Lee Thompson BBAC

People sometimes ask if the Bitless Bridle always 'works' immediately, as would seem to be indicated by the feedback. Occasionally 'teething-problems' are experienced which are easily remedied - read this troubleshooting article to find out more.

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