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Hoof Cast - Temporary Support Casting Tape 3"


Hoof Cast Tape - for Barefoot or Shod Horses - temporary support for hoof wall & frog

The Hoof Cast System

A method of reinforcing badly damaged or degraded hooves by creating a new (prosthetic) hoof wall and bearing surface so that horses can then be shod reliably or are supported barefoot when they might otherwise be on box rest. Uses a ballistic grade polyester binding tape impregnated with a powerful "self-setting" polyurethane cement to bind the hoof and within minutes create a hard resilient "shell" or "cuff" which acts as a secondary (prosthetic) hoof wall.

This then acts as as if it were part of the hoof wall and becomes the anchor for nails in conventional shoeing or as a secure foundation for "glue on" or reconstructive cement based shoes such as Equitech Rapid Hoof and Shoe reconstruction cement.

Barefoot trimmers are finding this an invaluable support for laminitics; enabling movement which helps the healing process.

3Ē Tape for one hoof over 5" wide

The pack contains one tape (for one hoof).

  • Can be used on shod or barefoot horses
  • Provides a substantial temporary support for damaged hoof walls, bruised soles etc
  • Often minimises need for box rest
  • Can be applied over as well as under shoes
  • Can often be shod or lightly worked within 5 minutes of application
  • Invaluable for emergency repair when a farrier /trimmer / podiatrist isnít†available

    This bandage is made from ballistic grade woven polyester set in a powerful cement. Whilst it is very strong and resists wear please donít do extensive barefoot riding over hard or rough terrain without expecting premature wear.

    Use all the tape on one hoof, do not try to economise over two hooves as it may then crack open in use and be a total waste.

    Keep away from children

    Always put on the gloves provided before opening the pack of tape. The tape is impregnated with a powerful urethane cement which rapidly begins to set on contact with air. Clean skin splashes with a solvent such as acetone or nail varnish remover before it sets hard. Do not rub anywhere on your face especially not near your eyes whilst using the product.

    Preparing the Hoof

    The hoof should be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush and degreasing fluid (e.g. Isopropanol - don't use Acetone) and then dried before starting application of the tape. Remember the final cast may be on for a number of weeks so you don't want any dirt or harmful bacteria trapped underneath.

    If available apply one or two coats of †Equitech Hoofs Tuff and leave to dry. This will help stabilise the hoof horn and also kill most bacteria present.

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