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PAX Aromatic Calming for Horses


PAX Aromatic Calming Therapy for Horses

PAX is 100% Safe & Natural

PAX has been used in secret by top horse trainers and horse whisperers for over one hundred years. It is unique. It is neither applied to nor ingested by the horse. It is 100% safe to use with all horses from children's ponies to race horses. It cannot induce lethargy. It has no effect on the ability or physical condition of the horse. It is beneficial   for most situations from catching unbroken horses to dressage riding.

Pax is not an alternative to understanding horses, the more one understands the horse the  more benefit one will gain from using Pax, yet even complete beginners can benefit. Combining  the use of Pax with the language "Equus" creates superb results.

When backing, handling, exercising or schooling, Pax makes things go more smoothly and efficiently. After the initial few days it is often not necessary to use it again. However, if you deal constantly with different horses then it makes sense to use it daily. Difficult loaders often load easier when the box or trailer has been sprayed with a little 'Pax', or a little sprayed inside a stable will help a nervous horse to settle. This has been known to eradicate box walking and crib biting.

How does PAX work with horses?

PAX imitates the smell of the pheromones which a horse emits when it is safe and calm.  This is the opposite to the adrenalin which they emit when danger is imminent. Horses are highly influenced by their sense of smell (the olfactory sense). The scent which a horse detects from another horse, animal or place is important and sometimes vital to acceptance. Horses are herbivorous (vegetation eaters) and as such do not naturally associate with carnivores. Obviously this puts us humans at a great disadvantage . Pax is an aromatic liquid which when applied to the hands of the trainer, rider, driver, masks his/her scent and replaces  it with one which implies that all is safe and well. 

Horses immediately become more amiable, confident and co-operative.

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