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Mud Stop Disinfectant Spray to treat Mud Fever


Problems with Mud Fever, Rain Scald etc? - Use Equitech Mud Stop Spray

  • Spray on and leave disinfectant for when your horse is tender and may react to touching, removal of scabs etc 
  • Contains a high level of humectants to control moisture
  • Virtually water, oil and grease free. It doesn’t add water to the problem, or have greases or oils which can seal the problem in
  • Contains mild surface active agents to help penetration through the hair, soften scabs and a disinfectant to kill bacteria
  • Handy 500ml spray bottle

    Equitech Mud Stop Topical Disinfectant Spray is a simple “Spray and Leave” product designed for situations where your horse is tender from trauma or injury and may have scabs due to mudfever etc.

    In some situations vets will say that it's necessary to pick the scabs off to allow an area to dry and let anything they prescribe in. However they aren’t the ones who have to pick themselves off the stable floor when the horse has expressed its views on this painful procedure! A few days' application of Equitech Topical Disinfectant Spray two or three times a day can help soothe and clean without adding more water to compound the problem. This helps soften the scabs and reduce the problems associated with their removal.

    Equitech Mud Stop Disinfectant spray contains no water, greases or oils. It is composed of high humectancy materials (materials which absorb water and control water activity) and some surface active materials which clean, help soften the scabs and allow the included antibacterial to work.

    Mud Stop Spray is one of the products that make up the Equitech Hygiene Management System.

    1. If you can’t stop the water then control the water activity on the skin and manage topical hygiene by use of Equitech’s novel “Spray on and Leave” Mud Stop Disinfectant Cleaner or Mud Stop Disinfectant Cream Cleaner. (For mud fever and/or rain scald)
    2. Where conditions allow, use Mud Stop Disinfectant Shampoo. This is based on the principles behind making medicated handwashes used to clean and reduce microbial contamination in sensitive environments. (For mud fever and/or rain scald)
    3. Use Hoof Hygiene Spray - a combination of surface active agents for cleansing and two powerful topical disinfectants dispersed in a potent penetrating liquid. Together these help cleanse the hoof, kill topical bacteria (including those responsible for 'thrush') and actually pull some of the excess moisture from the difficult to reach risk areas. (For thrush) Use only on your horses' hooves.

Equitech Mud Stop products have also proved to be excellent for general wound cleansing, disinfection and general hygiene management. They will form a useful addition to your tack box or first aid kit at any time of year.

Download Equitech Mud Stop brochure (pdf) for more information.

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