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No-Itch Spray & Sweet Itch Control (previously Insectazad)


No-Itch Spray & Sweet Itch Control for horses, ponies & all equines

Can be safely used on all animals - cats, dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, goats (including animals producing milk)

  • Unique action based on extracts from Neem Seed Oil - not a Citronella product!
  • No Itch Spray is based on an extract from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) which is grown widely throughout the East and Africa. Neem has been known for thousands of years in the East as a plant which insects such as locusts avoid eating. It has had a wide cultural use over extensive periods in agriculture, animal husbandry and in humans, both for topical and dietary and medicinal use to reduce irritation, the consequent scratching and thus to help recovery.
  • No-Itch contains natural Neem extract approved as an input to Organic Agriculture, EC 2092/91.
  • Horses and other animals sprayed with No-Itch show a much reduced level of irritation and scratching.  Its mild disinfectant properties also help keep any mild abrasions clean and free of bacteria . All ingredients are naturally biodegradable, create no pollution hazard and are not classified as performance enhancers or otherwise banned by the Jockey Club.
  • Neem fruit and seed extracts have been shown to be essentially harmless to virtually all other animal and plant life. Wild birds readily eat the fruit and pressed seed residues have been used to supplement animal feeds with no deleterious effects, They are also regularly used as soil fertilisers and are reported to be effective in reducing nematode pests.

Directions for Use

No-Itch spray is concentrated and only a modest amount needs to be used compared to very many horse sprays of various types. It is difficult to be precise because the size of the horse and relative sensitivity to Sweet Itch does vary.

Typically twenty to thirty “squirts” of the spray, predominantly over the most affected areas is sufficient to provide substantial protection. As with many natural products the effects are not instantaneous but build gradually with usage. However avoid dosing excessively in one go, this will not substantially improve protection and may elicit a response to the diluents which will not occur with moderate usage.

As with many products avoid the eyes and the area immediately round the mouth, it is not toxic but has a bitter taste and is astringent to the eyes.

“No-Itch” cream is even more concentrated and has the benefit of creating an additional protective layer over badly affected areas. Only modest quantities need to be applied over affected areas as you will find it spreads very effectively. It is essentially harmless and will readily wash off your hands but nonetheless we advise wearing rubber gloves for its application. No-Itch is based on a botanical extract and is intended to break down naturally in the environment thus avoiding pollution.

Whilst this breakdown generally happens over a number of days it is advised it will wash off in heavy rainfall and its lifespan is reduced in very strong sunlight.

Store in a cool dark place.

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