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Big Bale Buddy - round bale feeder - reduce wasted hay


Big Bale Buddy - Round Bale Feeder for Hay or Haylage for Horses, Ponies, Alpacas, Cattle

Are you looking for a round bale feeder that will save your hay or haylage without breaking the bank?

At Bitless Equestrian Centre in Wales, UK, over the years we have tried all sorts of feeders on the track system for our herd of mixed horses & ponies (and Enrique the mule of course). Having tried the Big Bale Buddy over 5 years' ago, we wouldn't now use anything else.

With the tombstone feeders, we found that the ground around them very quickly became poached and it was not easy to move them to a new location. In contrast the Big Bale Buddy can be put in a new location each time, it is so easy & light to move (when empty of course!) The Big Bale Buddy keeps your hay clean and contained until your horses eat it. It catches all the high nutrition chaff & seeds and makes it available for your horses to eat. Why stand by and see your high quality (and expensive) hay used for bedding when there is an inexpensive, easy to use and safe alternative?

The Big Bale Buddy is
  • super strong
  • long lasting
  • UV protected
The Big Bale Buddy was originally developed to withstand the harsh northern Canadian weather.
  • Does not freeze to the ground and stays flexible in extreme cold.
  • Tough, durable, rot and stain resistant, 1500 denier, woven polypropylene with 2 years (1200 hours) of UV protection.
  • The Big Bale Buddy's special weave is designed to allow water that gets inside the feeder to seep out while moisture hitting the outside of the Big Bale Buddy will be repelled, keeping your hay drier.
  • Removes the risk of leg and neck injuries that can be caused by metal and rigid feeders.
  • Quickly pays for itself in saved hay. The Big Bale Buddy ensures that almost all your hay gets eaten. Saves you money every time you feed! Typically pays for itself in 6 to 12 uses and keeps on saving you money for years! Feeding large bales without a feeder can waste up to one third of the bale. Lightweight, easy to use, easy to care for and affordable.

One year free replacement warranty against tearing and manufacturer's defects

A safe, affordable alternative to tombstone or other pen-type metal feeders; ideal for feeding large round bales to horses, ponies, sheep, alpacas, cattle, llamas, deer and other grazing animals who need supplementary hay or haylage in the field.

For smaller animals - small ponies, sheep, calves, who can't reach the top of the bale - you can lay the bale on its side to facilitate feeding.

In a mixed herd of horses of large horses & small ponies, in practise we find that the ponies happily eat the small amounts of hay that are dropped by the larger horses so they are eating amounts more appropriate to their size. This effectively stops small ponies getting too fat which can be an issue when they are kept with larger horses with ad lib access to hay or haylage.


The Big Bale Buddy comes in 3 sizes (measured across the flat end / diameter of the bale):
  • Small fits Bales up to 4' 4"
  • Large fits bale up to 5' 2"
  • Extra Large fits bales up to 6' in diameter (special order only)

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