Dried Herbs, Oils, Waters

Dried Herbs, Herbal Oils, Aromatic Waters & Essential Oils (many organic) for Horses, Goats, Alpacas, Sheep, Dogs & Cats in UK

Large selection of bulk herbs, infused oils, aromatic waters & essential oils available in our online shop www.animalselfheal.co.uk

Always allow the animal to choose or refuse dried herbs, essential & macerated oils & aromatic waters

We are currently offering discount on dried herbs to students & practitioners (email us)

NB: All herbs, aromatic waters, infused oils & other Applied Zoopharmacognosy supplies have now moved to www.animalselfheal.co.uk

In the days when our horses (and other domesticated animals) roamed wild, they were able to freely select a wide range of herbs to maintain health or to self-medicate when ill. In the domestic situation wild herbs are no longer freely available but our animals still retain that instinctive knowledge of what herbs they need to stay healthy so it's up to us to offer a variety of dried herbs to our horses (& all domesticated animals & pets).

Since horses instinctively know what they need and how much, it's not a good idea to mix dried herbs with food, but rather to offer the dried herbs separately on an ad lib basis. At Bitless Equestrian Centre we have a designated 'herb bar' with up to 20 dried herbs & powders available at any one time for the horses to browse & select what they need. Since we have been doing this we have noticed a massive difference in all our horses' health. If you only have one or two horses you can do this on a much smaller scale and from our experience, the dried herbs most often selected by horses are, in alphabetical order:
  • Calendula (marigold)
  • Chamomile
  • Clivers / Cleavers / Goosegrass
  • Comfrey
  • Dandelion
  • Echinacea
  • Nettle
  • Rosehips
  • Seaweed
Of course you can save money by collecting many of the above herbs when available (please forage responsibly) & offering either fresh, wilted or dried then you only need to buy dried herbs in winter.

Cats most often select valerian root & catnip (surprise, surprise!) and often will take great delight in rolling in dried calendula (marigold) flowers and chamomile flowers too.

We have recently extended our range of herbs coinciding with the fact that Sheila (proprietor of  Bitless Equestrian Centre) has been studying with the Institute of Applied Zoopharmacognosy, which will greatly expand her knowledge of herbs & essential oils, especially in connection with facilitating animals to self-medicate with dried herbs as they would have been able to prior to domestication.

We also stock a range of organic essential oils, organic macerated oils, herbal tinctures and aromatic waters, which may take a while to add to the online shop. If there is a herb, herbal product or supplement you need which isn't listed, please contact us, we may already have it but if not, can probably source it for you. We can also supply organic dried herbs - please ask us for availability & prices.

Herbs have been given to animals for centuries, with monasteries, stables and farms relying totally on traditional recipes to help keep both humans and animals healthy. Formulations and favourite recipes were passed on to ensure that future generations would continue to benefit from Nature. It is interesting to note that in 2005 over 80% of the world's population still relied exclusively on herbs for their health.

Aromatic Waters (not Hydrosols)
Aromatic Waters (not Hydrosols)
Essential Oils
Essential Oils
Infused & Fixed Herbal Oils
Infused & Fixed Herbal Oils
Featured Products - Dried Herbs, Oils, Waters
Peppermint Essential Oil (mentha piperita) Organic 10ml UK grown
Peppermint Essential Oil (mentha piperita) Organic 10ml UK grown
£4.75  £3.80
Save: 20% off
Aluminium bottle 50ml with pump spray
Aluminium bottle 50ml with pump spray
Green Clay Powder (wild-crafted), internal grade
Green Clay Powder (wild-crafted), internal grade
Monthly Specials For August
Peppermint Essential Oil (mentha piperita) Organic 10ml UK grown
Peppermint Essential Oil (mentha piperita) Organic 10ml UK grown
£4.75  £3.80
Save: 20% off

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